【メール翻訳】 From the President & CEO, Shannon Roche 2020年2月1日2020.02.06


全米ヨガアライアンスのCEO Shannon Rocheよりメールが配信されましたので翻訳を掲載いたします。RYS保有スクールおよびRYT保有者のみなさまはぜひご一読くださいませ。


Dear Member,

Happy 2020! It’s remarkable that somehow, we find ourselves one full month into the new year. And already, the impact that this collective membership of Registered Yoga Schools (RYSs) and Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs) has had on its respective communities energizes us at Yoga Alliance. Thank you for your service!


This month, I’m delighted to highlight an exciting development that I previously previewed with you last June as part of the new standards underlying the RYS 200 credential. The Ethical Commitment, a key element of our up-leveled standards, goes into effect next month and will serve as an indicator that all yoga schools and teachers holding Yoga Alliance credentials are committed to high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable yoga teaching.

さて今月は、前年6月にみなさまと見直しをさせていただいた、RYSの200 資格情報の新しい基礎の前進に焦点を当てていくことに心嬉しく思っております。論理的貢献は一段階上をいく基礎への鍵であり、 ヨガアライアンス資格を保持する全てのヨガスクールとその講師たちが安全で質の高い、公平でアクセスのよいヨガティーチングをみなさまにお届けできるのに役立つものさしとなり、来月にも良い影響をもたらすものと考えております。

A Shared Promise


From our 18-month, community-led Standards Review Project (SRP), which included thousands of voices inside and outside of yoga via a 12,000-respondent survey, a listening tour, a series of virtual town halls, numerous working group sessions, and many other feedback channels, we heard a resounding call for a shared commitment to ethics befitting of a yoga teacher. In response to this clear direction we received from you, we partnered with experts in the fields of ethics, yoga, and professional standards to develop this new Ethical Commitment for all Yoga Alliance members. 

18ヶ月目からコミュニティ率いるSRP (Standard Review Project)は、ヨガコミュティ内外の何千人もの人をはじめとし、12000人回答者規模のアンケー ト、リスニングツアー、市のオンラインフォーラム、活動家によるミーティング、様々なフィードバックチャンネルがヨガ講師制度にまつわる新しい論理的貢献に対し素晴らしいフィードバックをいただきました。このクライアント様発信の明確な方向性に応じ、ヨガアライアンスメンバーの皆様のためにヨガ及び論理的貢献、一段階上の基礎にむけて役立つ専門家たちと提携を組みました。

The result? An Ethical Commitment designed to unify the membership around shared principles likely familiar to any yoga teacher, as they echo the sacred principles represented in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. This Commitment is comprised of the three key components below.


A strengthened Code of Conduct. Cited as “very important” by 91 percent of SRP survey respondents, this updated Code will signal a commitment to proper behavior within RYS and RYT training programs, classes, and other offerings, including teacher-student relationships and the need for explicit consent with respect to hands-on assists and adjustments.


SRPによるアンケートで91%の回答者が “非常に重要” と答え、この更新されたルールはRYS及びRYTのトレーニングプログラム、クラス、その他サービスや生徒と講師の交流、それに伴うはっきりとした同意の上での講師の生徒に対しての丁寧な指導と調整を模範行動として示唆しています。

A new Scope of Practice. Considered “somewhat to very important” by 86 percent of SRP survey respondents, this first-ever Yoga Alliance Scope will clearly define the role of a yoga teacher, including responsibilities and limitations. 


“どちらかといえばとても重要だ” とSRPアンケートでは86%の方が回答し、この前例を見ないヨガアライアンスの模範はヨガ講師たちの責任と限度を担う役割を明確にしています。

A responsibility to Equity in Yoga. Elevating the tenants of the Code and Scope, this shared responsibility by the membership—for awareness of inequities within yoga and how they can result in exclusion and underrepresentation—will help us, collectively, build spaces and communities that unite.



This Ethical Commitment will begin February 25 when all members—present and future—will make this commitment when renewing their membership or joining Yoga Alliance for the first time. This shared commitment will aid in fostering high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable yoga teaching. In addition, it will elevate the public’s understanding of the yoga teaching profession and signal to them Yoga Alliance members’ commitment to building a yoga community for all.


It’s an exciting time to be a part of the evolution of yoga teaching, and I would love to hear more about how you, our member, are experiencing this period of hopeful change. 


To connect with our Member Services team regarding the new Ethical Commitment or to ask any and all other questions, please call
1-888-921-YOGA (9642) or email info@yogaalliance.org.

新しい論理的貢献について、また何か違った件でご質問等ございましたら、私たちのメンバーサービスチームまでお電話 1ー888ー921ー9642 又はEメール info@yogaalliance.org までご連絡いただきますようお願いいたします。

I see this new year (and each and every letter I send out) as an opportunity to learn more, do better, and connect deeper with you. I’m grateful for your feedback—we review each response to these letters and determine how best to incorporate the thoughts shared.


Again, happy 2020! I look forward to practicing with you in person and spirit.