From the President and CEO, Shannon Roche2020.03.02

こんにちはOREO YOGA ACADEMYの福田でございます。
ヨガアライアンスのCEOのShannon Rocheからメールが届きました。翻訳しましたので、ぜひご覧くださいませ。

Dear Yoga Alliance members,

Since we first announced the Standards Review Project (SRP) in September 2017, we have heard from so many of you. We’ve learned about your perspectives, priorities, and considerations regarding this work; about the challenges you face operating your schools, teaching your classes, and ultimately serving your communities; about the harms and disappointments our previous shortcomings have caused you, and, as such, the concerns you have on any new efforts we undertake. Let me begin with thank you. We appreciate and honor the effort, trust, bravery, and optimism represented by every single one of your reflections. Within all of this feedback, the one theme that remains consistent, and which comes through loud and clear, is your passion for the teaching of yoga.


2017年の9月に先頭を切って公開されたStandard Review Project (SRP)ですが、すでに皆さまからたくさんのお声をいただいております。
上記をふまえ、まず私どもから皆さまへ ただいなる感謝の言葉 ”Thank you“ と申し上げさせていただきます。皆さまの努力、信頼、勇志そして一つ一つのポジティブなレスポンスを光栄に思い、感謝申し上げます。    全てのフィードバックからも見受けられる通り1つ明確に言えることは、皆さまのヨガティーチングに対する情熱がどれほど強いものであるかということです。

Today, the long-awaited implementation of the community-led SRP begins with the launch of the member-wide Ethical Commitmentup-leveled standards underlying the foundational Registered Yoga School (RYS) 200 credential, and strengthened RYS application, review process, and its corresponding tools. Woven throughout all of these, we hope you will see evidence of both our decision-making principles of traditional yogic values, equity, accountability, integrity, and balance and stability across the community as well as the three overarching priorities with which you charged us through the SRP. Those key asks were to provide you with credentials that stand for high quality, safety, accessibility, and equity in yoga; to ensure these credentials are upheld with integrity; and to step more fully into the role of your professional association.

本日、待望のコミュニティ主導のSRPがメンバー内の論理的貢献、RYS(登録ヨガスクール)200資格の基礎となる第一段階上のスタンダード、RYS申し込み及びレビュープロセスの強化とそれに順応したツールの使用開始を発表しました。伝統的ヨ ガ の価値観、公平性と信頼度、一体感とバランスをコミュニティ内だけでなく 皆さまがSRPを通して課した3つの第一優先事項 (three overarching priorities)内も一定に保てるよう下した決定ルールを皆さまにご理解いただけたら幸いです。

From a practical standpoint, today’s launch might primarily look or feel like a new format for our online application or new tools to support applicants through these processes, as examples. And, yes, it is these things, and I want to thank the team at Yoga Alliance for the careful, extensive work they’ve been doing for months to get us here.



And…today’s launch also represents much more than the compilation of these individual elements, more broadly reflecting a shift in how Yoga Alliance thinks about its work and its role on behalf of both the membership and the broader yoga community. For many years, we viewed our work through the lens of being responsible for and reactive to our membership, which, by definition, leads to a limited set of response options—“in/out” or “yes/no.” Today, we come to you in relationship with and in support of our members and the larger community. From this perspective, we are better able to engage with, listen to, amplify, and work with and for our members and the community. We have moved from seeing a set of “problems in need of solutions” to seeking opportunities to engage with you and support your great work, and we look forward to growing into this relationship alongside and in partnership with you.

そして本日の発表は個々のコンピレーション、ヨガアライアンスが担う仕事とその役割をメンバーさまとより幅広いヨガコミュニティに公表するものとなります。ここ何年もメンバーシップを有する皆さまへのサポートも責任と対応という名目上成り立っていたように捉え、有/無、はい/いいえ などのようにレスポンスの選択を狭めてしまっていたように思います。
“解決を必要とする問題”を素晴らしい貢献へのサポートと、皆さまとの関わりのきっ か け として捉え、皆さまと共にパートナーとして成長できることを心から期待しております。

In order to get to today, our team needed to update (and in some instances create new from whole cloth) a near-countless number of internal processes and procedures, such as rubrics, technical platforms, and trainings for staff. Every turn required us to make decisions about how best to serve your needs and how best to balance sometimes-conflicting priorities. We routinely weighed future planning vs. current needs, the employer and community member we want to be (and model) vs. the most efficient use of resources, and opposing requests from varying member perspectives, to name a few—just as you likely do every day in your own schools.

今日に至るまで、数え切れないほどの注解、技術的基礎、スタッフトレーニングのような内面的プロセスと順序を古いものを新しくアップデートするだけなく、時には全く新しく創作する必要がありました。私どもは毎回皆さまの要望にどうお応えし、優越つけかねる優先事項をどういった形で対処していくのがベストなのか決断をする必要がありました。日常的に将来と現時点のニーズ、雇い主と私たちの目指す理想的コミュニティメンバー像 VS 最も効率の良いリソースの使い方やメンバーさまの違った視点からの反対意見、例として、自身のスクールで日々日常的に行う行動の優先順位を試行錯誤しています。

I hope you see our efforts to maintain a delicate balance of these needs and priorities undertaken with the same care as anyone would for someone whose relationship they value. I also hope you recognize a handful of instances where we made the potentially difficult or unpopular choice because these were simply the right things to do—or, as one attendee at the Nashville stop of the 2018 Listening Tour said to me: “You just need to make some choices and do those things. Not everyone will like what you do, and you will have to weather some difficult conversations. But we just need you to do that.” This balance intentionally reflects the aspiration that we will grow into this space together.

ニーズに合わせ、この難しいバランスを保ち、皆さまが大切な誰かのために尽くすように優先事項を解決させることの私どもの努力を皆さまにご理解いただければ幸いでございます。数ある前例の中から同意が少ない、理解が難しいような判断もあったかと思いますが、いつかナッシュビル(Nashville)で2018年度リスニングツアーの1人の参加者の方が “選択を迫られたら何かを選び、それをただこなさなくてはならない。全員が同じ行動に同意しないかもしれないし、その結果煩わしい会話をしなければいけないかもしれない。でもどうあってもそれは必要なことで避けては通れない“ と言われた通り、このバランスは私どもと皆さまが肩を並べて国際的に成長することへの野心につながると思っております。

Tomorrow, you’ll receive a membership email that will walk you through some of the specifics of today’s launch, including how they impact you as a current member and the resources available to support you. It will reiterate the new policies that also take effect today, including an updated Grievance Policy and new Anti-Harassment Policy. This is iterative, and we are here to support you along the way.


These enhancements are exciting first steps towards greater shared accountability. Yet, I can’t stress enough how much we understand this work to be just the beginning. Just as at the start of any new relationship or chapter, we are hopeful about what these changes will bring while remaining committed to holding space for the necessary, inevitable growth still to come.


When we first launched the SRP, my mentor, friend, and predecessor, David Lipsius, started us down this path by setting our intention of “a return to [Yoga Alliance’s] dharma of service.” This is true for the Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Foundation team, and I hope our work presents to you in this way as well.

SRPの発表時に私の師であり友そして前任者であるDavid Lipsiusが私たちの道を定める根源となった“ダルマ(dharma)の教えに習ったヨガアライアンス” を示してくれました。これはヨガアライアンスとヨガアライアンス財団チームにも通じるもので、皆さまにも是非その教えに習い私どもの活動をお見せできたら嬉しく存じます。

In all endeavors, Yoga Alliance is first and foremost a membership organization—your membership organization. All our work is in service to you, and we cannot conduct our work effectively without engagement with you. Yoga Alliance schools and teachers are a force for positive social impact, connection, and peace in the world. By serving you, and through partnership with the Yoga Alliance Foundation, our goal is to support and foster the high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.

すべての取り組みは皆さまのためにあり、皆さまとの親交なくしてはヨガアライアンス の本領は発揮されません。ヨガアライアンススクールと講師は社会にプラスな影響、つながりそして世界に平和をもたらす力があると考えております。皆さまへの従事とヨガアライアンス財団チームとの提携により私どもは良質で安全、アクセスの良い公平なヨガティーチングのサポートと発展を目標にかがけてまいります。

To ask questions on any or all of the above, please contact our Member Support team by calling 1-888-921-YOGA (9642) or emailing

上記の内容またはそれ以外の内容で質問等ございましたら、私たちのメンバーサービスチームまでお電話 1-888-921-YOGA (9642) 又はEメール までご連絡いただきますようお願いいたします。