【メール翻訳】December Newsletter2019.12.12

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YA Welcomes US Iyengar Teachers

We are pleased to welcome the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States (IYNAUS) to the Yoga Alliance family as both an RYS 200 and an RYS 300. This means that all U.S. Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (CIYTs) will also be able to join Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200, RYT 500, E-RYT 200, and/or E-RYT 500 based on CIYT level as well as years and hours of teaching. For more information on this announcement, please read the press release.


イェンガーヨガアソシエーション(米国)をヨガアライアンスグループのRYS200とRYS300として受け入れることとなりました。(IYNAUS) 米国で認定されたイェンガーヨガティーチャー(CIYTs)は、CIYTレベルにより、RYT200, RYT500, E-RYT200, E-RYT500としてヨガアライアンスに参加できる資格を持つことができます。

Keeping Your YA Account Secure

Beginning January 13, 2020, we will introduce single sign-on password protection so that you can securely log into multiple Yoga Alliance applications using one username and password. If you have any questions or technical issues during this time, please contact our Member Support team at 1-888-921-YOGA (9642) or at info@yogaalliance.org. Member Support is available Monday through Thursday, 10–6pm ET, and Friday 10–5pm ET.


2020年1月13日より、シングルログインパスワード保護を開始いたします。これにより、安全なセキュリティ保護下で、1つのユーザーネームとパスワードだけで、複数のヨガアライアンスのアプリケーションにログインすることが可能になります。テクニカルな問題が生じた場合は、メンバーサポートチーム 1-888-921-9642へのお電話、もしくは、info@yogaalliance.orgまでお問い合わせください。窓口応答時間は、月曜~木曜10~6PM, 金曜10~5PMです。

Sharing Yoga Philosophy in a Group Setting

How might you share yoga philosophy mindfully in your classes? Watch this replay, “Practical Tools for Sharing Yoga Philosophy with Your Students,” led by Crystal Moore (RYT 500), to learn three practical tips for comfortably and confidently incorporating yoga philosophy into your classes or workshops. 


クラス受講では、どのようにヨガ哲学をシェアしていますか?“Practical Tools for Sharing Yoga Philosophy with Your Students,” RYT500,クリスタル・ムーア氏による動画を参照し、3つの実務的なティップを学び、クラス受講やワークショップにて役立ててください。

Member FAQ of the Month: 

How Do I Confirm Program Confirmation Requests? 

To confirm that a trainee has completed your RYS program, please follow these steps: 




1.Go to www.yogaalliance.org and log into your account. 

2.Select “School Dashboard” from the red box on the left.
Requests will appear in the center column under "Trainee Program Confirmation Requests." 

3.Click “View Certificate” to verify that the certificate submitted is from your RYS. 

4.Select “Confirm,” “Reject,” or “Unable to Confirm” once you have reviewed the certificate. Only click “Confirm” once you are sure that the request is correct.


2.左側の赤いボックス”School Dashboard”をクリックし、”Trainee Program Confirmation Requests”が表示されるのを確認してください。

3.“View Cerificate”を選択し、終了証書があなたのRYSより提出されているあを確認してください。

4.修了証書のレビューが終わりましたら、“Confirm” “Reject” “Unable to confirm”のいづれかを選択してください。

Please note: 

The training must match the level of RYT for which the trainee is applying and the date of completion must match your records for the completed training. Once you confirm a trainee, the confirmation cannot be reversed.
You have 10 business days from the date of its submission to respond to each program confirmation request. If you do not respond before the deadline, our credentialing team will process the request.